Blarney On The Block and Parade is an amazing community event for Saint Patricks Day in Weld County!
The Denver Broncos have found a quarterback in Case Keenum! Do you think he is the answer to our qb struggles?
A homeowners association in Weld County is hosting a workshop to outline covenant enforcement!
A beautiful home just went up for sale in South Johnstown! It will be very interesting to watch this sell as spring approaches!
It is March Madness! Is your team projected to be in or out?
Our UNC Bears return to the Big Sky Tournament!
Check out the real estate section in our Greeley Tribune!
Will finishing your basement payoff when you sell your Weld County home?
Check out the amazing events coming up around Weld County!
Here is the latest beautiful listing in our hot East Berthoud neighborhood market!
Our amazing Weld County is poised to set records in oil production this year!
Our Weld County commissioners have approved the contentious Weld County Road 29 plan. Will this be a good or bad thing for our neighborhood?
Is now a good time to declutter your home?
This beautiful listing showcases our South Johnstown neighborhood market well!
A recent career fair gave middle school students in Weld County the opportunity to explore many occupations!
Should HOAs be able to ban big dogs?
Find out how to prepare your home for below freezing temperatures!
Bathroom remodels are often a great way to increase your home\’s value but can also be an expensive undertaking. Check out 5 tips to prevent money from going down the drain in your remodel!
You can tell spring is coming when the listings start popping up. Here is a beautiful one in South Johnstown!
You can tell spring is coming when the listings start popping up. Here is a beautiful one in East Berthoud!
Check out olympic sports you can participate in without spending a lot of money near our neighborhood!
This traveling vet is bringing pets near our neighborhood in Northern Colorado!
Would the proposed initiative to limit new housing on the Front Range be a good or bad thing for our neighborhood?
Which home improvement projects will give the best return on investment for your home in our neighborhood?
This is one of many gorgeous listings near our neighborhood in Berthoud!
Open houses are a great place to showcase your home to potential buyers. Give this checklist a look to make sure your house is prepped ahead of time to receive the best results!
Colorado superintendents have introduced a plan that will bolster funding for students that are struggling as well as talented and gifted students in our neighborhood!
Northern Colorado leads our beautiful state in job growth!
Check out these kitchen trends that are taking over our neighborhood and the rest of the west!
Check out this beautiful listing near our neighborhood in Berthoud
According to a recent survey, most real estate agents are not neighborhood experts like I am, even though it is extremely important.
Northern Colorado home prices are expected to hit a healthy stabilization
The housing market in our neighborhood and the rest of Colorado is so hot that residents are getting paid by the state government
Don’t go into a showing for your home without the proper preparation
You’ll want to see the rest of the photos from this listing in Aurora
Spring is around the corner which is a great time to sell your home and now is the time to list it!
Stay updated on the the neighborhood! This is just one of the amazing listings in Berthoud.
Would Amazon HQ2 coming to the area be a good thing for our neighborhood? Here is how the Front Range compares to the other finalists
The housing market in Northern Colorado is predicted to keep up its hot momentum in 2018
Make sure to check out these ideas if you plan on remodeling your kitchen.
Here is the latest in Berthoud
Mortgage lingo often confuses first time home buyers
Don’t go into a closing without being prepared for all costs involved. Here are 5 expenses that first time home buyers typically are not expecting
What differentiates a real estate Broker and an Agent?
The National Association of Realtors predicts the impact of tax reform will raise home prices in Colorado more than anywhere else in the United States
South Johnstown has a new and gorgeous listing
Should you fix up your northern Colorado home before listing it or do our competitive market conditions allow you to sell it as is?
Our neighborhood has a new beautiful listing
Our East Berthoud neighborhood has a new listing! This one is going to move fast with our competitive market conditions
Beautiful home recently listed in our competitive South Johnstown market!
HUGE Thanks to all those who joined us for the Holiday Parade Gathering!
There are many great open houses in our neighborhood this weekend! Check them out in the link below
Open houses always give insight into what’s happening in our neighborhood’s real estate market. If you can’t make it to any this weekend, contact me for more opportunities!
There are some great open houses in the neighborhood this weekend! If you can’t make it, feel free to contact me
There\’s a hot listing in the neighborhood! Take a peak inside, would you buy this house?
Open houses are always fun! Here are some in the neighborhood this weekend!
The start of fall welcomes all kinds of celebration, what are your plans for this weekend? There’s a bunch of ideas here!
Fall might be the best time to hike one of Colorado’s longest trails!
Fall might be the best time to hike one of Colorado’s longest trails!
Harvey and Irma never could have imagined this coincidence after 75 years
Fun stuff to do in Colorado for Labor Day weekend!
10 things you need to know about the Broncos
Don’t get to see the eclipse or no glasses? This live stream is for you!
Should 16-year-olds vote in school board elections?
August market cool down? Not this year
#MakeoverMonday 7 tips to get your home ready for back-to-school!
20 Facts about Colorado. Which ones did you already know?
Summer is the best time to crave a salad, here’s some great recipes!
A Colorado story for 125th anniversary
#MakeoverMonday August friendly home design
Summer calls for fun in the water, check out these safety tips
Colorado is one of the best places to work!
7 item checklist for buying Real Estate
#MakeoverMonday 15 problems solved by paint that you would never expect
15 things you didn’t know about the Broncos
Vintage snapshots of Colorado
Millennials are crowdfunding: invest now to buy later
#MakeoverMonday Pantry tips:
#MakeoverMonday Pantry tips:
This month in history
State Climate Action checklist
State Climate Action checklist
Drones are the future of Real Estate
#MakeoverMonday Getting organized doesn’t have to be so hard
the weather!
Do you know these Colorado facts
How many Colorado hot springs have you been to?
16 Questions to ask your real estate agent
#MakeoverMonday Before and after photos!
Summer events are in full swing!
We’re at the top of the list of happiest places to live!
Selling your house? 15 tips to get the best out of it.
#MakeoverMonday Amazing before and after photos!
Where should we see Fireworks?
15 most beautiful Colorado spots
#MakeoverMonday 70’s redo
Video: What’s with a hazy sky?
You’ve never seen a house like this
You’ve never seen a house like this
It’s peak selling season
It’s peak selling season
#MakeoverMonday Your weekly dose of home transformation!
Happy Fathers Day! What are your plans?
Every single Colorado trail in one place
20 Financial experts on buying a house
Millennials are getting older
The easiest way to increase home value
NOCO Has Housing Figured Out
Coloradans only – plus honorary natives
Millennials are waiting to buy homes
Video! World’s Largest Sports Park?!
Video! World’s Largest Sports Park?!
Vote for your favorites
Vote for your favorites
Has modern design fully taken over?
Are there any pools we can go to?
Look, a waterfall!
Memorial Day camping a no go…
Stand up on a paddle-board✔ Ride a gondola✔
11 reasons that prove you need a realtor
No Soup For You! (Millennial Remix)
How much house do you get with 325K?
24 truly appalling estate agent pictures
What goes up…
3 things you didn’t know you should talk to your real estate agent about.
5 tips for starting your house hunt
Third most fun state? Nope we’re number one!
May the 4th be with you… On your adventures this summer
While temperatures rise for summer, traffic will air out
Film on the Rocks enters its 18th year on May 15th!
Home buyers are not likely to buy in the same neighborhood when on the house hunt. See how far outside of a community they will land and who might be coming in!
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